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Making a purchase for hosting and domain is not an easy task. Picking a wrong hosting company may lead you to paying a lot more later.

But that is exactly when Hostgator comes to rescue and has been the choice for almost all big bloggers.


However, if you’re planning to buy a hosting plan from Hostgator and are convinced, you wont mind using 25SuperDiscount Hostgator VPS coupon code on Hostgator that will allow you to get a 25% discount on your purchases. For more, you can refer to Hostgator Coupon XP. With a personal experience of over 3 years in this industry, here’s all what I think about Hostgator and its services.

1 – Price

Hostgator has personal, business and reseller packages that come at a great price. For about $60/annum, you can avail unlimited domain registration, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email addresses. Add to it that you can host as many sites as you want by buying new domains. Very cheap and value for money.

2 – Support

Hostgator is quick, very quick in fact with 24×7 support and a responsive live chat. Whether on phone, mail or chat, Hostgator’s customer service is bang on.

3 – Loading time and Hosting stability

Hosting stability at Hostgator is so good that you may never find anyone complaining in that regard, they’re so good. With no downtime whatsoever, you hardly bother about the hosting unstability scenario. Speed while uploading and downloading is supreme and loading speed time is actually far better than competitors.

4 – cPanel

If there is ever a cPanel that is well structured and customized, it is Hostgator’s. so easy and efficient to use, WordPress or any CM software installation is a breeze through this cPanel. Whether it is about creating new mail ids, ftps or other things, the cPanel works beautifully. It also performs traffic analysis and that is another feature that will be cherished by one and all.

5 – Overall experience

Hostgator has always been the best in business. Being a great place to start writing a blog or hosting a fully featured website, Hostgator is leading all charts. Through this review, I hope I have covered almost all points. I’ve had a great experience with Hostgator and I’m sure anyone who uses it will enjoy it as much as I did. If you still have any doubts, just give them rest because Hostgator is the best.

Download and Install Dr. Driving For PC using Bluestacks

Dr. Driving is a free style car driving simulation game. It is not like other car racing games. It is a whole different concept. You can have the real city driving experience right on your phone. You have to control the steering, breaks, and accelerator, have to make right turns and lot more. It is a very famouse and addictive game and is rated very highly on Google play store (4.5 out of 5). It has got a very user friendly interface which is one of the reasons for its popularity which is growing every day. You can download this game for free from Google play store for your Android smartphones.

Dr. Driving For PC

I am sure many of you also wants to play this interesting game on you computers as it will be more fun to play it on large screen with enhance view.

Well you cannot play this game on your PC directly as its developers have not designed it for the PC platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux but that does not mean you can’t play this game on your PC at all.

There is a substitute method of running this game on your PC. That method will be explained in this guide after we tells you about Dr. Driving.

About Dr. Driving

Though this game does not need any introduction but still for those who haven’t heard of Dr. Driving we will give you the brief description about its feature and gameplay, so you may realize what have you been missing so far.

Dr. Driving is simple and interesting driving game but its game play is not that easy. It will definitely test your driving skills. In this game you have to drive the car through the city traffic using steering and brake to control the ride. While driving car you also have to keep an eye on your fuel bar, reach your target before you run out of fuwel.

The game has average graphics but its sound effects perfectly sync with the gameplay and add up the gaming experience.

Dr. Driving allows you to play the game with six different viewing angles.

You can unlock new cars and upgrade your existing cars with the points you collect while playing the game.

You can also share and compare your score with your friends by Signing in with your Facebook or Google+ account.

To conclude it is a fun and interesting game. It is more of a driving learning game than merely racing game.

Play Dr. Driving on PC

To play this game on your Personal Computer follow the step by step instructions given below.

  1. First, download BlueStacks. It is an Android emulator through which you can run and play Android apps and games on your computer systems. You can download it from its official website for free.
  2. Then install the BlueStacks on your system.
  3. After installation process is done, open BlueStacks and find Dr. Driving using the search bar in it.
  4. When you find Dr. Driving, there will be a “Install” next to it. Just click on it and wait for BlueStacks to download an install the game on your PC.

At last when all is done, go to ‘my app’ folder in BlueStacks and there you will find Dr. Driving. Click on it and start playing this game on your PC.

Download BBM for Windows and Mac

BBM is the oldest smartphone messenger which is an inspiration to many messengers of present time like WhatsApp, WeChat etc. Initially BBM was only available on Blackberry devices. Later it was released for other smartphone platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

BBM allows you to connect with your family and friends through instant chats, voice calls, picture sharing, voice notes and more. When you make an account on BBM, you are assigned a Pin number which is called as BBM pin. This BBM pin is your identity or user username on BBM. So if you want someone to add you just share you BBM pin with them.


There has been a huge demand for BBM on PC. Lots of its users want to use it on their PC as it would be more convenient and useful. In this guide we will share the process of downloading, installing and using BBM on your PC. Officially BBM is not available on any PC and cannot be directly but still there is a way of using it on PC. We will tell you about downloading BBM on pc later. Before that we will tell you about feature and functions of BBM.

About BBM

BBM stands for Black Berry Messenger. It has all the features of ideal messenger like text chat, voice notes, photos and video sharing, group chat etc.

BBM is a free application which comes preinstalled in Black Berry phones. For other devices you can download it from their OS’s app store. For example if you want to download BBM on an Android device just go to Google play store and download it from there, for IPhone go to iTunes app store.

One thing that is unique about BBM is that I don’t use your Phone number to chat or share things with others. It uses the BBM pin number instead. That means that no one can send you messages or see your profile unless they have your BBM pin. In this way BBM provides you with maximum privacy and security.

BBM have emoticons for every mood and emotion which let you express yourself in a better way.

You can experience the secure and fun chatting on your PC by following the instructions stated in this guide.

Install BBM on PC

BBM for pc

BBM is not officially available for PC that means you cannot just download and install it directly on your PC. To run BBM on PC we will use the BBM supported on Android platform. For that you will need BlueStacks which is an Android emulator used for running Android apps on PC.

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC. You can get it from the official website of BlueStacks for free.
  2. Now install the BlueStacks using installation file you just downloaded. Just follow the steps displayed on your screen and you will be able to install it easily.
  3. Start BlueStacks using the desktop screen shortcut.
  4. Search for ‘BBM’ with the help of searcj tool.
  5. Install the BBM on BlueStacks.

Now you can run BBM on your PC using BlueStacks. You will find BBM in ‘My App’ folder in BlueStacks.

Download Traffic Racer for PC for free

If you like cars and if you like racing, Traffic Racer is probably the game that you need to play. And if you’re playing it currently on your smartphone, trust me, you’re missing the action that is happening on the big screen. Yes, because you can now play the Traffic Racer game on your own Windows/Mac PC now.

Traffic Racer for PC

About the game – Traffic Racer for PC

If you remember the car racing that took place in the ‘90s and you miss the action, Traffic Racer will bring back sweet memories to you. It makes you drive fast on the busiest of roads. These are the various features of the Traffic Racer game.

  1. Three dimensional designing of the game makes it more involving that the other games. It gives you the feel of driving the car in real time.
  2. There are 17 cars available, so there’s no dearth of choice. Choose your favourite car and hit the road.
  3. There are also 4 types of surfaces to choose from – Desert, Snowy, City and suburbs.
  4. For scoring maximum points, you have to race in the wrong direction at the fastest possible pace.
  5. There’s also a leadership board and the more you score, the higher you rank.

Download Traffic Racer on your Windows 7 PC for free.

How? Follow the steps mentioned below.

While there is no version of Traffic Racer that is currently available for PC, there’s an option to download an Android emulator and then play the game on your PC just the way you do on your smartphone. Bluestack is an Android emulator that we prefer and suggest you, it good and reliable as well.

Once you download the Android emulator, all you have to do is install the app from there and run it on your PC. Just follow the below mentioned steps to do the same, they’re so easy even novices will be able to follow them.

  1. Download Android emulator Bluestacks and then download APK file of Traffic Racer by searching for it on google.
  2. Search for Traffic Racer in the emulator’s search bar.
  3. Install Traffic Racer on your PC by selecting it from the emulator.
  4. Install Traffic Racer from the Android emulator on your PC.

Once installed, Traffic Racer is almost ready for you, on your PC, that too free of cost.

How a VPN helps you download torrents anonymously

Nowadays more and more people are looking for ways by which they can download torrents anonymously because of the increased strictness on torrent downloads recently. You may not know about it but if you download torrents regularly you’re more likely to have a large bit torrent footprint. People keep tabs on your internet activity using your IP address since it is easily visible to any person with access to bit torrent swarms you’re connected to and I am sure you like many other don’t like being tracked either.

So in case you’re looking for a way to stay anonymous the use of VPN and proxies are few of the best ways to do so. Not only does the VPN keep your identity anonymous but it also provides you quicker download speed. Few of the best VPN’s for torrents are Torguard VPN and IBVPN which are also available for free trials. BT Guard and Switch VPN are also good VPN’s. If you’re wondering as to how a VPN protects your identity from being revealed below I have provided you details about how a VPN actually works.

VPN keeps your identity safe in 2 ways and each way tackles 1 of the main security vulnerabilities you face with bit torrents. The 2 ways are:

1. VPN hides your IP address from being revealed

As I told you before your IP address is available to anybody who can access bit torrent swarms. So what a VPN does isit allows you to connect to these bit torrent sites through a server that may located in some other part of the world. Thus no one can see your actual IP address, what the people monitoring these bit torrent swarms see is the IP address of the server you’re connected through. Also remember it is advisable that you choose a VPN that does not keep logs of your internet connection through these servers because if there are no logs kept then your connection becomes untraceable. I recommend you to choose VPN from Seedbox hosting because your logs of service provider it keep safe. The cheapest offshore seedbox hosting you can get from, their plans are pretty awesome.


2. VPN’s allow encrypted data to be transmitted

The second biggest advantage of using a VPN is that no one will know what data is transmitted between your computer and the server because the transferred data is always encrypted and the only way to view the data is through a password that is known as a key which is available only to you and your VPN service provider.

Not even your ISP can keep tabs on your torrent activities without the key and thus there is no chance that they can reduce your bandwidth or cut your connection because they won’t know that you’re using your internet for downloading torrents.